Green, John Green

As I have said before, Young Adult isn’t really my thing. I read the Twilight series in middle school and decided to jump off the YA train. The books weren’t insufferable or anything, but reading about vampires and werewolves wasn’t fun for me. I had this misconception that Young Adult = Fantasy only. WRONG!!!!!!!!
My wonderful friend, Amy, introduced me to the world of John Green. I’ve read all his books, and I always have a hard time picking a favorite. As of now, it’s his latest, The Fault in Our Stars. I’m on my phone right now and am about to leave, so I can’t really elaborate, but I will say this: it was one of the best books I have ever read.
A close second is Katherines. Everything from the plot to how it was presented was so interesting. Well, this is it for now. Soccer calls.

Later taters! DFTBA.



The train station has a surprisingly fit young adult section. I’m not much of a YA-er, but I can appreciate well stocked shelves when I see them. Also… JOHN GREEN JOHN GREEN JOHN GREEN JOHN GREEN.

I love John Green, actually. 


Also spotted: Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique
wassup, APUSH? 


Lastly and soooo not least:

MURAKAMI. Yes, everyone calm down. They had the new Murakami. Oh. Yeah. 

If only I had money……deeeeeep ssssssigh.