Preliminary Summer Reading List 2k13


My friend lent me this stack to get my summer reading going. I am VERY excited to undertake a series once more. The last time I did this, I read the Twilight Saga in middle school.

Anyway, in addition to these, here is what else constitutes my list:

-More David Foster Wallace. Undecided yet as to which particular works.

-Alexandre Dumas, La Reine Margot

-Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

-something, anything by Thomas Pynchon

-Gabriel García Márquez, either The General and his Labyrinth or One Hundred Years of Solitude (perhaps in Spanish?)

-and, if time allows, maybe Albert Camus, The Plague

I know, I know. I’m really cool.


Chicago Summer Adventures

I wanted to start compiling a list of cool things to do this summer in the Chicago area. Perhaps there will be some Milwaukee-an activities as well. If anyone has knowledge of other cool fests/workshops/WHATEVER please let me know! So without belaboring the point any more and in no particular order:

(links open in new tab!)

Wicker Park Fest

Pitchfork  (ya girl will be there all weekend. say hi and dance slow R. Kelly songs with me [please?!])

Chicago Blues which i might add is F.R.E.E.

Riot Fest for which i will (regrettably) be in college. sad face.

Wavefront you know.. if you’re into this kinda thing.

Green Music which features MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA for a suggested donation of FIVE DOLLARS. I REPEAT: F I V E (5) DOLLARS.

Summerfest (MKE) if for some reason you have a job or are spoiled rotten and are willing to pay ~$60 for the Avett Bros (who are well worth the money that I don’t have). oh and ~$40 for fun. ???? This is some bourgeoisie shit right here.

More to come?
Also, YES, I refuse to post about Lolla because f that. Five million dollars for a three-day pass? Yeah right. I’m not about that life. (I’m only a LITTLE bitter)

Newberry Book Fair !!!!

Printer’s Row

Kierkegaard seminar at Newberry $170 for the class… probably worth it, too.

The Book of Mormon

West Side Story

— Please comment below with any relevant events!