Welcome welcome!

My name is Michelle, and I am a college student in the ever exotic midwest studying Linguistics and Russian. For the sake of clarity, I will tone down my usual (sometimes called aggressive, mocking, etc etc) tone to elucidate on my platform. I am not here for compromises; I am not here for: wonderbread feminisms and elitist politics, nor am I here for trendiness, biased “discourse” (if it can even be called as such when there are partisan grounds– is it not just word vomit at that point?), and certainly not for validation.

Now that I’ve clarified the things for which I do not stand; here are some of my objectives:

I want to

  • better my writing. I am still discovering my tone. tones?
  • learn. about as much as possible with as much intensity as (conceivably) possible
  • share what interests me. sometimes they are things i find, am shown, or create myself. sometimes they are pictures and sometimes they are writings. sometimes they are other things. the world is full of interesting matter.


I am at the point where more than an activity, writing is a journey. It is a real experience. I thought I had to know before I wrote, but after many a night pondering my next sentence, I see that to know I must write.

If you want to creep on what I am reading at the moment, head here.

I love talking to people, so please feel free to contact me! I’m the opposite of scary.


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