Santa Claus

Hello and good morning to all!

I feel like Santa Claus as I come bearing new gifts. Today I am happy to announce that I will be adding a new segment to this already cluttered blog! It is to be a travel section entitled “Notes from Above,” receiving “Above” not from the idea of a pretentious American who feels “above” every other culture, but rather from an allusion to planes which travel above the clouds and cities.  Furthermore, it is my distinct pleasure officially to inform my readership of the transition of this blog from exclusively a book blog to a general writing blog (with an emphasis on books). This change will take some time, and I beseech you to follow me in this endeavor. Finally, as is evident through the large link atop this page, there is a fresh-out-the-oven page! I have created this page for posting links to interesting articles for your (and my own) reading pleasure. Links will be added haphazardly, though they can usually be expected towards the end of the week. Thank you in advance for your undeserving patience with my shenanigans and your unexpected interest in my blog.