That’s probably not a word, but today I don’t care!
Here are some links to some useful .pdfs/sites about writing and words and such.

a very basic glossary of terms or, I guess, you could go here

Chekhov’s Gun, used to kill people(‘s emotions)

Ah, Vonnegut’s tips for writing fiction. Fiction is something I will never be able to tackle. But maybe you..?

Setting aside my love/hate relationship with Kerouac, here is an unquestionably good post about his writing tips. You would think that I would be blindly in love with him judging by the fact that I love the content of this article enough to post it here…

Speaking of Kerouac, were you looking for a guide to grammar?

For all my fellow lexophiles…

Etymologically speaking… Even the domain is AWESOME. Gatsby, wassup?

Here are some facts about Englishshshshshshsh

And finally…

This is something you should definitely read, and if you’ve already read it, read again.

Until next time, friends.