Signs in Switzerland

As I transferred the files from my old Mac to my new, I incurred upon some pictures that I took in Switzerland, specifically Basel. Here is some street lit à l’Europe.


yarn bombing is HARCORE


oh yeah.. this is overlooking the Rhein

IMG_3359 IMG_3361 IMG_3533

IMG_3547 IMG_3545


and while i’m here, i might as well post the cannabis iced tea i found…..


breaking: more cool street lit in chicago

So on Wednesday I went to Logan Square with one of my best friends to see Andrew Jackson Jihad at the 8AM. Basically, 8AM is the coolest lil venue in the entire universe.

Before we got there, Nina and I did a bit of exploring. Here’s some Logan Square street lit.

photo 5 photo 4 photo 2

2013-04-10 16.51.32 photo 1 photo 5 photo 2 photo 1
photo 2 photo 3photo 5photo 4

Then we decided to look for some milkshakes. We ran into The Brown Sack whose oreo milkshake was to die for!!!!!!!! Totally made up for the fact that it was 7:28. And the show was set to being at 7:30. And we were a solid ten minutes away.

Anyway, we somehow made it. It actually began closer to 8, as you can imagine.

So yeah, it was the coolest show I have ever been to. I’d never been to a folk punk gig, so the weird noises definitely took me by surprise. But it was so awesome. All of it. The sense of intimacy with the rest of the people (65 to be exact! It was played in an attic…) and of course the music was absolutely bat-shit crazy perfect. Amazing what a sole man and his guitar can evoke.

photo 2 photo 3Ian Graham (of Cheap Girls) was wonderful. His set was… very… ima go ahead and say pretty.

photo 4 photo 5

Hey…. check this out.

photo 5Oh, and Sean Bonnette is one of the sweetest guys in the universe; of this I’m sure.

Spring Break 2k13: Waukegan Edition

When I mention Waukegan to most people, the overwhelmingly popular reaction is a frown and an orotund “ew.” I would accept the “ew” and the shit-eating grimace if Waukegan were a literal landfill or an above ground sewer. My friends, it is neither.

While I welcome the idea of going to a Floridian beach for my spring break, my funds refuse to let me sunbathe in the sand. This morning I threw on a couple sweaters, grabbed my camera, and headed downtown. Here are some pictures from Main Street. If it looks cold, that’s because it was. If it looks interesting, that’s because it is.

Though I will be the last person to school you (or attempt to) on art, the contrasts, both subtle and not, are the best thing about this town.ImageImageImageImageImage



ImageImageImageImageImageImagephoto 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4Image


Got a nose hoop here today. Though I may look like a dork with a hoop, the jewelry itself was awesome. Gotta go back for a new stud. Also, Lorenzo is the coolest man you might ever meet. Also there are three adorable dogs. What are you waiting for?

photo (19) photo (20)

edit: Of course I forgot to shoot the Genesee. And the other theaters. Because I’m an idiot.

Quintessential Chicago Set

So After-Words Used Books store is one of my favorite spots Downtown. The main floor is predominately books in mint condition. The selection is GREAT. There is plenty of contemporary and classic literature. The best place in After-Words, however, is the basement (featured below). The books are used but remain in very good conditions. Books that have been sitting on the shelves for -if I remember correctly- over a year receive a special discount taken at the register. I believe it is 25% off? All in all, it’s so typically Chicago.

The bricks, the sophisticated dirtiness, the jazz…IMG_8450 IMG_8455

Speaking of jazz…

After-Words happens to be a part of The Ultimate Trifecta of Chicago and Possibly the World. I am a very reliable source for this type of information, by the way. I am an authority on pretty much everything I talk about. So anyway, After-Words follows Star of Siam and precedes The Jazz Market. The locales are adjacent to one another and make for the perfect outing. Lunch or dinner at Siam followed by indulging in a bastion of books and concluded by a trek into the kingdom of jazz.


Pull Jack Kerouac’s Daisy, why dontcha?

I found this at the Market. WTF DOE

IMG_8457 IMG_8458 IMG_8460 IMG_8461I found this gem. I was proud. This is a simple sentence.


Here are some more pictures from my trip because why not? I ain’t been to Chicago in a miiinute. Despite my being a Downtown regular, I am always taken aback by the majesty of the cement. Chicago is regal. The mountains of glass on concrete do not cease to amaze me.










street lit

I feel like Congress and the commerce clause because of the pictures directly irrelevant to the subject of literature but justified by my adroit skill of interconnectivity acrobacy. Go figure.