Reading Material

In the totally unfathomable event that you tire from my writing, here is some carefully curated content not mine. Links are added haphazardly. Enjoy!

Federer as Religious Experience by David Foster Wallace (

The Most Divisive Characters in Literary History (

Dickens in Eden by Jill Lepore (

La Roja: The Roots of Soccer by Jimmy Burns (

I Cthulhu by Neil Gaiman (

Silence is a Golden Trophy by Jonathan Cohen (.pdf)

The Egg by Andy Weir

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift If for some ridiculous reason you have not yet read this…

Bobby McFerrin Hacks Your Brain with Music ( This is a video, not an article.

History of the English Language

Kinetic Typography: Stephen Fry on Language This is one of my favorite videos.

10 Baffling Romance Tips from the Sociopaths at Fox News by Seanbaby (

You need this Obama/Mitt 99 Problems Video in your life.

The Wheaton and Other Unusual Units of Measurement uh..

David Foster Wallace Audio Project !!!!!EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MP3s of his readings/interviews/etc! aHHH!!

Book Stores in Chicago

“The Still Alarm” by George S Kaufmann [one act play. pretty funny] (.pdf)

Apocalypse Now | Heart of Darkness

Grammar Puss an excerpt of Steven Pinker’s The Language Instinct. Longer read. Well worth it. Maybe I am an idiot, but I was laughing at much of this. Not because I contend against Pinker’s arguements, but because he is so BITING.

The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved by Hunter S. Thompson. (.pdf) A GREAT read. First Gonzo piece. F&LiLV is sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to finish Atonement. Soon, my pretty….

Cannibalism in the Cars by Mark Twain. Good stuff..

Street Art Utopia to feed my street art hunger. And your’s too, if you’re into that…

The origin of “Ok”

Margaret Thatcher a Freedom Fighter…? Bingo.

The Death of the Author by Roland Barthes This was a cool, shorter read of Barthes’s argument that the text and writer and ultimately unrelated. It’s 3:18am on Saturday. What else am I s’pposed to do?


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